All You Need To Know About Tile Roofing

All You Need To Know About Tile Roofing

Oct 07

First of all I normally don’t cover guides about why and how to choose products related to a home but it came to my attention as I’ve been doing a ton of gigs for construction companies and they asked me to cover a blog post on why it’s important choose proper tile roofing. Not only did I almost really injure myself taking the pictures up on a newly tiled roof but many of the workers on the crew did as well!

But, before we go any further I just want to give a shoutout to the roofing company I worked with whom are the Toronto Roofing Experts. When I was working with the crew taking pictures we were doing resdiential services¬†for the client. If you’re looking for a new roof take a look at their Facebook and see what other think. Anyways I’m done talking about my experience on the job last week, let’s get to the content!

We all want our homes to stand out especially when our neighbors have lavish homes. One needs to have a good taste for interior decoration in order to understand how their home can be made to give a better impression and refrain from choosing the cliché designs, especially when it comes to choosing the tiles. When it comes to tiles, there are lots of options that you can consider and they will definitely ensure that your home stands out. But a good tile is one whose maintenance is done on a routinely basis in order to maintain the charm. Tiles are usually heavy as compared to their asphalt shingle counterparts but there are always options that will make your roof look amazing with the perfect choice of tiles. The type of roofing material matters a lot, so let us walk you through the kinds of tiles that can be available for roofing.

Tile Roofing Job

Picture I took on the job last week!

Considerations to make while choosing a roofing tile

One of the first things to keep in mind is the energy efficiency as you do not want your home to become warm during summers because of the tiles. Clay tile roofing has always been considered as a viable option for those who have a reasonable budget since it serves the purpose of acting like a barrier between the temperature inside home and outside. But if you go for a good quality tile, then you do not have to maintain it much since they can sustain high temperatures. Also, over a certain period of time, these tiles will change according to the weather and might turn into a better shade which will only add to the look. But whenever we are consider upsides, we must always keep the downsides into the loop.

The main disadvantage of tile roofing is the weight of the tiles which always tend to be heavy. It is highly recommended to choose the perfect tile according to the weight and see if it the structure of your home can withstand the weight of the tiles especially when you are considering them for tile roofing. You might have to go for reinforcement beams in order to support your roof. Going for clay tiles will always be a good option but they tend to be a bit expensive at times depending upon the quality and the design. Each one of the tiles is produced individually and the process requires every tile to be dried in a kiln. One more advantage that comes with clay tiles is their ability to rebound the rays of sun, which happens to be an important point while selecting tiles for roofing purposes.

So many of us would ask whether there is a way of getting clay roof tiles without the tiles being heavy. This is where we would like to introduce you to fiber reinforced concrete which is a new type of roofing material that will make your tile seem as if it is clay, but will definitely not weigh as much as the latter. Furthermore, these materials are better in terms of fragility which again means less maintenance. Even though concrete is a heavy substance itself, yet the tiles are relatively lighter and more durable than clay counterparts. You will get these tiles in varies styles and design them according to the way you want. The absorption rate of clay is zero which means nothing shall pass through it.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best tile roofing solutions, clay tiles would be the best option to consider due to the plethora of advantages that they come with.til