All You Need To Know About Tile Roofing

All You Need To Know About Tile Roofing

Oct 07

First of all I normally don’t cover guides about why and how to choose products related to a home but it came to my attention as I’ve been doing a ton of gigs for construction companies and they asked me to cover a blog post on why it’s important choose proper tile roofing. Not only did I almost really injure myself taking the pictures up on a newly tiled roof but many of the workers on the crew did as well!

But, before we go any further I just want to give a shoutout to the roofing company I worked with whom are the Toronto Roofing Experts. When I was working with the crew taking pictures we were doing resdiential services for the client. If you’re looking for a new roof take a look at their Facebook and see what other think. Anyways I’m done talking about my experience on the job last week, let’s get to the content!

We all want our homes to stand out especially when our neighbors have lavish homes. One needs to have a good taste for interior decoration in order to understand how their home can be made to give a better impression and refrain from choosing the cliché designs, especially when it comes to choosing the tiles. When it comes to tiles, there are lots of options that you can consider and they will definitely ensure that your home stands out. But a good tile is one whose maintenance is done on a routinely basis in order to maintain the charm. Tiles are usually heavy as compared to their asphalt shingle counterparts but there are always options that will make your roof look amazing with the perfect choice of tiles. The type of roofing material matters a lot, so let us walk you through the kinds of tiles that can be available for roofing.

Tile Roofing Job

Picture I took on the job last week!

Considerations to make while choosing a roofing tile

One of the first things to keep in mind is the energy efficiency as you do not want your home to become warm during summers because of the tiles. Clay tile roofing has always been considered as a viable option for those who have a reasonable budget since it serves the purpose of acting like a barrier between the temperature inside home and outside. But if you go for a good quality tile, then you do not have to maintain it much since they can sustain high temperatures. Also, over a certain period of time, these tiles will change according to the weather and might turn into a better shade which will only add to the look. But whenever we are consider upsides, we must always keep the downsides into the loop.

The main disadvantage of tile roofing is the weight of the tiles which always tend to be heavy. It is highly recommended to choose the perfect tile according to the weight and see if it the structure of your home can withstand the weight of the tiles especially when you are considering them for tile roofing. You might have to go for reinforcement beams in order to support your roof. Going for clay tiles will always be a good option but they tend to be a bit expensive at times depending upon the quality and the design. Each one of the tiles is produced individually and the process requires every tile to be dried in a kiln. One more advantage that comes with clay tiles is their ability to rebound the rays of sun, which happens to be an important point while selecting tiles for roofing purposes.

So many of us would ask whether there is a way of getting clay roof tiles without the tiles being heavy. This is where we would like to introduce you to fiber reinforced concrete which is a new type of roofing material that will make your tile seem as if it is clay, but will definitely not weigh as much as the latter. Furthermore, these materials are better in terms of fragility which again means less maintenance. Even though concrete is a heavy substance itself, yet the tiles are relatively lighter and more durable than clay counterparts. You will get these tiles in varies styles and design them according to the way you want. The absorption rate of clay is zero which means nothing shall pass through it.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best tile roofing solutions, clay tiles would be the best option to consider due to the plethora of advantages that they come with.til

Taking pictures with a Digital Camera

Taking pictures with a Digital Camera

May 31

For all those who are photography aficionados, seeing the world through the hind eyes of a photographer who gives attention to each and every iota of detail that nature has in store of them, is definitely obvious. So this is the time to dust off your camera, clean your lenses and head outdoors, doing something that inspires you the most. We mean doing something that does not require you to glue yourself to either your phone or computer, but your camera.

Though one thing you need to remember about when taking pictures is you want to look great as well, staying fit is a huge part of my daily live. Personally my favorite way to stay fit is to do Ben Pakulski’s Mi40X Workout Program. Overall it’s a great program where no matter what camera you have you’ll look good in the photo! I personally follow Workout Ace as my source of fitness related information, not to mention their Facebook seems to be filled with other great health related tips.

This is a guide on how to take perfect pictures with your digital camera. Mentioned below are some steps which will give you a direction or a prerogative towards photography.

  1. The basic step is to ensure knowledge regarding all the buttons that are there on your camera. You must know the function of each and every button before proceeding ahead.
  2. Now, adjust the settings of the camera according to your wish. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, shutter time et cetera as per your discretion. It is mandatory to go through the user manual that has been provided with the camera.
  3. On the back side of the camera, there will be a screen which will project the image of the object which your camera is focused at. You can zoom in or out, if necessary.
  4. Now, look for the photo button. Usually, it is located on the top right side of every camera.
  5. Once the screen projects the perfect picture, all you have to do is press the button at the right time, but make sure that you hold the button before leaving it. This will help you in gaining a proper idea of the time when you are supposed to click.
  6. You can view your pictures by using play button, present in the function panel of the camera.
  7. You can insert your memory card or attach your USB to your computer or phone, and upload your pictures to print or save them.

Cannon Digital Camera

Now, these are some tips to improve the quality of the pictures you take. (Canon is the brand I use)

  • Visualize the image in your head as if it is a dream and then focus your camera on it to make it come alive.
  • One of the most important features in your camera is the aperture. It regulates the amount of light coming through the lens, and also controls the depth of field, i.e. what part of the image appears in sharp focus.
  • Where the aperture regulates the amount of light coming through the lens, the shutter has the work of controlling how long the sensor is going to be exposed to it. Speed of the shutter depends on the way you desire to control the movement in your photograph.
  • Next important thing is the white balance of the camera. Take it in semblance with the color around us which is constantly changing because of the light from the sun or any artificial light source. And each one of these sources has its own color temperature. The lower the temperature, the warmer the light, and the higher the temperature, the cooler the light. Warm light gives an orangish touch to the picture and cooler light gives it a bluish tinch.
The way I take pictures with my phone

The way I take pictures with my phone

Jul 15

Everybody loves getting great pictures, right? Before I began blogging, I loved recording the key things within my existence. The issue is, though, that does not all people have nice Digital slr cameras to consider great photos. Or you do, however, you don’t always wish to carry it around! So today I will provide you with a couple of pointers for creating awesome photos… together with your wise phone!

Personally for my smartphone needs I read from some of the more popular tech websites to figure out how to take better pictures. Most of the time I look read technology blogs that cover android news specifically for galaxy s6 guides. Anyways Here is what I follow when snapping my shots!

1. Choose good lighting. Photos in bad light, especially on wise phones, will come out fuzzy. Pictures taken outdoors are usually what you want (Tip: Overcast days are really the very best. Shh, don’t tell). If you are absolutely stuck going for a photo inside and also the lighting isn’t great, attempt to open some blinds to include sun light. Read more at for more great lighting tips.

Great Lighting Helps

2. Tap the screen. Tapping the screen once you pull-up the digital camera application enables your camera to concentrate, which results in a far more crisp photo. On some camera phones, tapping different regions of the screen, such as the least heavy or pitch-dark area, will brighten or darken the photo’s lighting, too.

3. Pick interesting angles.

4. Don’t center your subject. When whatsoever possible, use the “rule of thirds.” Should you take a look at a picture and draw two equally spread vertical lines and 2 equally spread lines of horizontal type, you receive what appears like a tic tac foot board. It’s best to place subject along individuals lines or crossing points, but never right within the center. This produces more interesting photos.

Remington R4  Lithium Power Series Review

5. Edit your photos. VSCO Cam is my personal favorite application for editing photos. It’s FREE within the application store, however i promise you, it’s worth in addition to that. I personally use it just about every day. It’s super easy to use and enables you to definitely crop, brighten, saturate, adjust exposure & brightness, add filters and much more. So well worth the extra couple of minutes to decorate your photos! Personally no camera can save someone whom doesn’t groom themselves! Take a look at these highly rated braun shavers get get a better idea on what gives you that clean shave. You can find more great shaving tips at

Why I love cats

Why I love cats

Jun 12

I could go on and on about why I love furry little cats.

But instead I figure I should just show you my favorite picture of the week!

List of Cat Breeds

I also want to say that I adopted a cat similar to this this week. (Probably the reason I made this post haha)

Anyways I just wanted to educate a few people (you know who you are) on why you should get a cat and why I love them!

Here are my 5 reasons you should get yourself a cat.

  1. Cats = happiness
  2. They’re weird like us!
  3. They don’t like exercise woohoo
  4. They can sleep in or on anything…
  5. They love to cuddle!

So hopefully that was all the convincing you needed to get a cat. Now what about the cat breeds and figuring out which one to get? I personally recommend taking a look at the Maine Coon breed that you can find over at

Well some do require more attention and supervision over others.

So ensure you do proper research before getting one!

Welcome to my new site.

Welcome to my new site.

Dec 02

I created this website to share cool pictures and or things I have come across on the web overtime. I am a photographer by heart and am an avid animal lover!

Especially cats (Big cats to b precise) as one day they will take over the world!

So to start this website off I would like to share with you the Siberian tiger aka the Amur tiger. Here are some lesser known facts about this beautiful beast:

  • It is the largest cat in the world.
  • They are solitary animals.
  • They can eat up to 60 lbs at a time.
  • A litter consist of 2-6 cubs.
  • Once they are 2-3 years old they will leave the den!

Also there are only 400-500 Siberian tigers left in the world, this makes me sad. This makes them endangered! Efforts have been made to stop poaching this wonderful animal but it still continues to this day.

Anyways as sad as that is it is still a beautiful creation, and I hope you enjoy the future posts to come whether it is wild life based or whatever else types of crazy things I take pictures of!